Kinbur Elsewhere

Link Description
Anime List I love Japan period.
Video Game List Old Game Good, New Game Bad.
Letterboxd The Iraq War (2003) is my favourite Marvel Film.
Twitter Please don't use this.
Youtube Prolific.
Twitch I hope I don't stream.

The Cesspit

Link Description
The Cesspit The zine that has yet to define a generation.
Megalithic Prints The best Dungeons and Dragons supplements and miniatures you can find online.
Megadu The coolest site.


Link Description It's her turn.
SUPERPREDATOR Super Predator is the only political newsmagazine that's 100% FACT CHECKED, RELIABLE and TRUE.
PC-98 Emulation Guide A useful guide on emulating NEC PC-98 Games.
Lain Radio LARPing music.
Nightwave Plaza Vapourwave Radio.
Itazura Neko Make your Nihongo Jōzu.
Dig Deeper Articles on software and cybersecurity, especially regarding privacy.
Based Cooking Bloat-free recipes