The Mural of Ubtao's Temple

The mural begins showing the planet inside a broken eggshell with two opposing forces on either side one with white discs behind their heads and the other with black discs

The mural follows showing a flying snake consuming the sun while the two groups fight.

The mural continues with one of the black disked beings on their knees in front of white discs. the kneeling figure is wearing a tyranosaurs head above his own. Then the White disced ones with the black disced one in their group holding swords above the necks of defeated black disced ones. the blacked disced one is holding the snake upside down forcing it to release the sun. religion check:

Ubtao the primordial joined the gods after dendar ate the sun allowing them to defeat his kind the primordials.

After the battle the white disced ones point the black disced one to a map of Chult there the black disced one is seen building Mezro under the watch of a giant dwarf.

The black disced one sits in a throne surrounded by worshipper’s various, shadows emanate from his body

Ubtao's worldly inhabitancy gives birth to various jungle spirits.

The black disced one chooses 7 people and is seen leaving the city.

Ubtao chooses the barae and leaves Mezro to govern itself

The city of Mezro is covered in a shroud with small beings outside it.

the batri goblins couldnt fight the city anymore since it was made invisivble with brarae magic